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Ferrari 553 Squalo

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Searching the entire www for classic F1 Ferrari RTR, kits, shells etc. I can come up with loads of 500, 625 and 555 "Supersqualo" solutions.

But nowhere can I find a 553 "Squalo". Anybody out there knows a site where I can order a resin or fibreglass shell?

The funny part is, that I do not intend to build a 553, but I need a body to try and make the Arzani-Volpini Special from the Italian Grand Prix on Monza 1955.

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John - thanks, but I do not agree. The Betta & Classic shell is the 555 "Supersqualo". I need the 553 "Squalo".

Cheers, HOlger
Dio - I have checked David Sykes as well as Tony Condon. None of them offers a 553 "Squalo". Mac Pinches is not known to me, but I read your mail as he is not on the market any longer?

Tony - I can find three different photos of the Arzani-Volpini and they all look like a bastard between a F 553 and a 250F, so you might be right, that a 250F could do the job. According to "GP cars 1945-65" by Mike Lawrence the basic car was a Maserati-Milano(?).

To my eyes the most outstandig thing is the very different exhaust system. But maybe other SF members have Arzani-Volpini experiences?

Cheers, Holger
Thank you to your all for your research and helpfulness. Maybe I should have called the head line of this topic Arzani-Volpini Special instead, but never mind.

As said earlier I know of three different photos of this car, and two of them are shown on this site now (well, one with a link). My next challange are the race numbers used during practise for the Italian GP 1955. The car was entered under #46, but:

Were the race numbers plain white on the (presumed) red car, or were they black on white circles?

Where were they placed? None of the three known photos shows any race numbers.


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Rob J - great info and a great help. I really appriciate your help, and the Pau photo seems to be one I do not know about. Looking forward to see it.

The more details the better....

Rob J - thank you for your PM, the photo and your greetings from NZ. Every bit of it is much appriciated.

Interesting argument that a clockwise circuit like Monza asks for having the race number on the right side of the nose. I admit I have never thought about this. But todays investigations were more than interesting.

AUTOSPORT from September 16 1955 covers the Italian GP 1955 and shows some real good photos.

Ferrari 555 Supersqualo: Race numbers on left side of front nose
Maserarti 250F (including STR): Race numbers on centre of nose
Mercedes W196 (including STR): Race numbers on centre of nose

Even more interesting - RIVALS by Chris Nixon shows on page 180 Lancia-Ferrari D50 #2 from first days training session sporting the #2 clearly only on the left side of the nose. On page 181 is the same car from second days training session, this time with #2 on BOTH sides of the nose!!!

I know, of course, the D50s were withdraw from the race, but somebody - or something - caused them to increase the number of race numbers on the cars during practise. But only on the D50s. The photos in AUTOSPORT of the 555s are clearly from race day.....


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Rob J - once again thanks for your interesting views and theories on the position of the front number. I think we shall not use any more gun powder on this, just rely on the available photos from the race. I then have to descide whether to have a left centret or central race number on my Arzani Volpini. I think I vote for left as a combination of the Pau photo and the position used by the Ferraris on Monza.

Now back to your first - and more important - question: What shell will I use? I think I will settle for a 250F, but since I have already used AA Bodies 03 shells for the Officine Alfieri Maserati team (#28, 30, 32, 34 + 38) and the Stirling Moss Ltd team (#40), I need something else to itemizing this #46 NOT being a 250F.

What would serve me best? Penelope Pitlane RB28 or a Pattos shell? Unfortunately I do not know any other 1955 250F shell then these three mentioned.

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Rob J - an additional question concerning bonnet louvers (hope this is right in the Queens English?)!

Penelope Pitlane RB 28 has a lot of them. AA Bodies 03 has none. And Arzani Volpini seems to have a few near the cockpit. What about the Pattos version?

Sorry about this afterburner. Hope you will answer both last topics.

Rob J - I have Penelope Pitlane, Pattos, AA Bodies, Betta & CLassic, ACMe etc. shells among others in my collection, so I am aware of the differencies.

Since I never can get the Arzani Volpini 100% correct, I am bit hooked on your idea of taking a RTR model and re-model it. After a bit research my favorites are the Cartrix 250F or the Airfix/MRRC 250F. Cartrix F555 and Scalextric 250F dind´t pass the semi-finals.

This evening I will dive deeper into the Cartrix and Airfix/MRRC options. Then the descission must be taken. The Arzani Volpini will and shall at last take its place on the Monza starting grid.

Sorry to (miss-)use you as a sparring partner, but two brains are often better than one. At least better than mine.

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