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Ferrari 553 Squalo

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Searching the entire www for classic F1 Ferrari RTR, kits, shells etc. I can come up with loads of 500, 625 and 555 "Supersqualo" solutions.

But nowhere can I find a 553 "Squalo". Anybody out there knows a site where I can order a resin or fibreglass shell?

The funny part is, that I do not intend to build a 553, but I need a body to try and make the Arzani-Volpini Special from the Italian Grand Prix on Monza 1955.

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hi holger
the only picture i could find of the anzani volpini looked more like a 250f maser than a supersqualo ferrari perhaps you,d be better modifying one of those of which there are a few

cheers tony
Hi holger
The maserati milano was built for the 2 litre formaula 1952/53 it was based on a 4 clt maser but the engine had the supercharger removed and bored out to 2 litres
It wasn,t terribly succesful but later gained a degree of fame by being the notorious BURANO GP cars in the classic 1950s motor racing film "such men are dangerous " which starred kirk douglas
As you say a bastard mongrel

Cheers tony
OOps sorry
A bit of a crossthread there
The notorious burano GP car was based on the maserati Plate cars ,which like the milano were based on the 4CLT maserati

cheers tony
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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