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Ferrari 553 Squalo

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Searching the entire www for classic F1 Ferrari RTR, kits, shells etc. I can come up with loads of 500, 625 and 555 "Supersqualo" solutions.

But nowhere can I find a 553 "Squalo". Anybody out there knows a site where I can order a resin or fibreglass shell?

The funny part is, that I do not intend to build a 553, but I need a body to try and make the Arzani-Volpini Special from the Italian Grand Prix on Monza 1955.

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Holger: I am no expert on resin and fibreglass shells and can offer only a couple of comments.
Pattos does several 250Fs but they're 0.5mm clear vac shells. I don't know of any resin or f'glass bodies from him.
On the Penelope Pitlane resin shell, most of the louvres could be sanded off (and filled if necessary). However, like the AA Bodies shell, it is a model of the 1954 car with a low tail or rear end. The Arzani-Volpini, at least before the crash at Pau, had a high fairing behind the driver's head (think Lotus 16, Vanwall, Stanguellini FJ). A model of a 1957 250F or the 1958 Piccolo may be worth searching for, as they had slightly higher rear ends than the 1954-56 cars.
The Airfix 250F has an unusually high tail, the closest I've seen to the A-V's, and only a few louvres. But you'd have to remove the long duct on the bonnet (and fill the resulting gap), and the splashguards, and of course it's not resin or f'glass.
Betta and Classic do a 1957 V12 in their Classic fibreglass range but it has two long ducts on the bonnet.
We look forward to reading of your progress and seeing the Arzani at last taking to the grid at Monza.
Rob J
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Rob J - I have Penelope Pitlane, Pattos, AA Bodies, Betta & CLassic, ACMe etc. shells among others in my collection, so I am aware of the differencies.

Since I never can get the Arzani Volpini 100% correct, I am bit hooked on your idea of taking a RTR model and re-model it. After a bit research my favorites are the Cartrix 250F or the Airfix/MRRC 250F. Cartrix F555 and Scalextric 250F dind´t pass the semi-finals.

This evening I will dive deeper into the Cartrix and Airfix/MRRC options. Then the descission must be taken. The Arzani Volpini will and shall at last take its place on the Monza starting grid.

Sorry to (miss-)use you as a sparring partner, but two brains are often better than one. At least better than mine.

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