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Ferrari alive and well.....

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Any Ferrari fan should be having multiple orgasms at the moment, after the Fly Daytona we can expect another bunch of Ferraris from Carrera this year.

No news yet about if they will be available in the USA now, I know several of our Yank friends had to use good old UK dealers to get their fix last year. The 512BB is one of my favourite cars, I hope they will do the bubble livery in the future, or somebody will make a decal conversion sheet. Damn, I could even do that myself... !!

PS if anyone wants to see the whole Carrera list with pictures its on the MRE website (sounds like another advert..............yawn)
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Ey ****** !

I knew I recognised your nickname from somewhere.....RaceSimCentral.

I was/am a big fan of GPL but never got as far as racing on-line. Only very occasionally fire the sim up these days but still keep it up to date with the latest GPLEA releases and any other updates worthy of my d/l time.
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