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Ferrari alive and well.....

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Any Ferrari fan should be having multiple orgasms at the moment, after the Fly Daytona we can expect another bunch of Ferraris from Carrera this year.

No news yet about if they will be available in the USA now, I know several of our Yank friends had to use good old UK dealers to get their fix last year. The 512BB is one of my favourite cars, I hope they will do the bubble livery in the future, or somebody will make a decal conversion sheet. Damn, I could even do that myself... !!

PS if anyone wants to see the whole Carrera list with pictures its on the MRE website (sounds like another advert..............yawn)
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Looking forward to the coverage of the German show, especially MRRC with there fantastic line up... I really hope some, if not all of MRRC's products see the light of day in the near(ish) future.

Great resource Gary, handy to have too, although scary as the wish list is growing with no signs of slowing...

******, I was a big fan of GPL, used to race a bit on IROC. The trouble was, just couldn't find the time to dedicate to this superb sim, then through lack of practice, the frustration factor set in, especially after frequently getting mauled online.

Racing was/is good fun, despite sometimes a lonely existence - wouldn't see another car if racing at Nurburgring or Spa... Then there was Monaco - The street kerbs and lampposts drove me to distraction.

It might have changed now, it was quite new when I used to race so I don't know if the races now contain bigger grids or are more popular?

I recall the online races used to start with about 10 people, after the start and the first bend shunt, 6-7 people on average used to drop out before race end...

So gave up, even though the game is hardly recognisable nowadays, mod's are fantastic and I live in hope one day that there will be a decent slot car range to represent the 1967 grid.

Perhaps not for a while, as the choice of cars currently available is astonishing.

Best regards all,

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