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Ferrari alive and well.....

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Any Ferrari fan should be having multiple orgasms at the moment, after the Fly Daytona we can expect another bunch of Ferraris from Carrera this year.

No news yet about if they will be available in the USA now, I know several of our Yank friends had to use good old UK dealers to get their fix last year. The 512BB is one of my favourite cars, I hope they will do the bubble livery in the future, or somebody will make a decal conversion sheet. Damn, I could even do that myself... !!

PS if anyone wants to see the whole Carrera list with pictures its on the MRE website (sounds like another advert..............yawn)
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Do MRRC have a website? Be interested in any 60's formula one cars as I'm a big fan of the PC simulation Grand Prix Legends which is set in 67, although a 1965 mod is in the offing.

I wondered how long\many posts it would take before I mentioned GPL.
Anyone here play it?
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It's nice to see that there are a few other GPL fans here. Perhaps we can organise an online race someday.

Difflock, to be honest although I know what most of the settings do I have never setup my own car for GPL. I've just downloaded a group of different setups and as my abilities increased I'd swap to another set. Started of with Alison Hines, then moved to Feiner Kerl's which got my GPLRank handicap down to about +16 recently switched to Roland Ehnstrom's setups and finally went negative last week. If you want I could email the two zip files over for you to try out.

Jamie, no it hasn't changed you still get a lot bail out after the first corner but I very rarely race on vroc in pickup races. I joined a league and that made a big difference because people have something to race for. Also been a lot of improvements to the AI in the last few months which makes racing offline great fun as well.

Just so you guys know there are now over 393 tracks available , 233 real and 160 fantasy. Montjuich Park and a new improved 1967 Brands Hatch, Spa, and Monza (with banking) are due out any time soon. As is the 1965 mod which has the 1.5 litre cars and a much improved tyre model which gets rid of the main inaccuracy of the standard GPL which is poor low speed grip. According to the beta testers it's a revelation.

Anyway, i'll try and keep to slotcars on here
Anybody suggest where I could get an M2 allen key from, will they sell them in decent toolshops and is M2 the proper name for the size or is it just slotcar name?
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QUOTE (jonny s @ 5 Feb 2004, 01:04 PM)What is GPL guys I have never heard of it? Is it a form of slot racing?
GPL or Grand Prix Legends is a PC based simulation of the 1967 F1 season. The last season before sponsorship and wings came along. The cars had around 400bhp and tyres that would last a season, punctures permitting. The game was actually released in 1998 to great critical reviews but poor sales, how often do you hear that. However, it built up a cult following and thanks to a lot of very skillful people the game has been improved graphically beyond all recognition. Cars almost look phot realistic now, helped in no small way by the increase in pc power, particularly graphics cards. Anyway, not fair to fill up this forum with gpl stuff it has a number of very successful forums of it's own.

Anyway, back to my unanswered question and i appreciate this isn't the right thread but didn't want to create a thread just for this.

Is the M2 Allen key used on Fly etc a genuine size rather than a slotcar specific. If I went into my local hardware shop and asked for an M2 Allen key would the know what I was talking about and would i get the right item. It's just I forgot to order one from Pendle when I ordered my 156 upgrades and if i cna get it locally so much the better.


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