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Here`s a couple of standard Jouef cars I got as wrecks.
Externally the glass & drivers were missing, also a couple of wheels.

Internally they were a mess, saved only by the fact that the motors were running strong & the pick up shoes (&springs) were still present.
The original motor contact strips had been removed & replaced by messy soldered wiring. The carbon brush holders were all damaged & their springs were missing. Both steering systems were in need of repair.
Someone had also fitted a tiddly-wink in front of the Ferrari cars motor!
It proved very easy removing the solder, clean up the motors & replacing the missing parts.

The bodies cleaned up lovely. I also painted the Ferrari driver.
I changed the wheels on the BRM for a larger set of UK issue chrome type 2 F1 wheels.
On the Ferrari I fitted a set of French Jouef issue satin Lotus F1 wheels.

Came up canny good like!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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