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Hello Geoff,

I am looking for such a wonderful -Ferrari 246 gt dino- ( in scale 1:32 ) also.
The french manufacturer -Proto-Slot-Kit- developed a kit two years ago but
you have to get member of the french -association - Circuits Routiers - to get one !!
Have a look at his web-site:

I called Chris Deco (head of PSK) whether he will do a new edition in future but i got no
precise information.

If you do a request to -Tessie Resins- now would you be so kind to publish your information.
Thanks a lot

Kind regards


Phil Kalbfell
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I have the mould completed for the 206 but still have to make the mould for the glass and roof, mine is moulded from an old Dino so is close to scale.
I do have a 246 road version, but the racing version without bumpers is still a couple of weeks away, I hope to have a few new moulds completed in early January.
The one Alexis got was a first cast and is a little wide in the rear and needed re shaping the rear, that is now done and the master only needs a liitle sanding.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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