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This is my rendition of the F1 Ferrari 2003 car.I tried to model the body contours.
Here is what I did.
1)I used the Scalextric Toyota as the wheels appear correct.When the new Scalextric Renault arrives,it appears to have the same body contours to the Ferrari.I would then use the new Renault,and use the Toyota wheels.
2)I sanded the side wings flush to the body.I then used 10 thou plastic sheet,to create the body contours that lift the air over the rear tires.
3)I used 10 thou plastic to create the side wings.I used an X-Acto knife to score the plastic at where I wanted the 90 degree bend.Then I used a mixture of putty and glue to fill the score to hold the wings at approx 90 degrees.
4)To create the cooling vents??? on the side of the car,I drilled out for holes,then used some files to shape the vents.If anyone has a modeling tip,please let me know,as I am not too happy on how my "cooling vents" turned out!!
5)I reshaped the existing bardge board,but I believe I made it too short!!!! I have learned to look at my reference pictures more often and more carefully!!! I then used 10 thou plastic sheet to create the smaller bardge board.
6)I wanted to create the "anteater nose".I used Robert Schleicher's "Model Car Racing" magazine as a guide.Magazine #9,page 9.I used my razor saw and made 5 cuts,just over half way.I used my fingers to bend the nose downward.When I did this,I noticed that there was one gap larger than the rest.I used 40 thou plastic sheet to fill this larger gap.This kept the nose at the angle I wanted.I then used glue in the smaller gaps.When the glue dried,I used putty over the entire nose.I then sanded and primed.
7)I cut off the front wing,and shortened the wing upright struts.I then reglued,and puttied the wing to the anteater nose.I also used 10 thou plastic sheet to add a small winglet to the side of the front wing.
8)To make my telemetry antennas,I found the smallest gauge piano wire that I could find.I drilled my holes,then I used Elmers white glue to attach to body.Once the antennas were dry,I again used some white glue and my paint brush to create the "tip" at the end of the antenna.I also use a black paint brush hair.

Please,if someone has some modeling tips please let me know!!!



Allan Wakefield
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Bloody excellent!

Those telemetry antennas help set it off perfectly

I don't think you need to much in the way of modelling tips there John!

Who needs Carrera when we can go so much further ehh?
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