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Ferrari F1 preview

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...not to bad I think!
But take care - these are not the final cars - these are samples! There might be a difference to final production cars!!!
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Hot damn !

Carrera are getting nearly as good as me at doing Ferrari !

and alot more politically correct if the lack of a certain name is final.

(Thomas - ring me mate?)
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Fine looking cars and really EXCELLENT photos!

With recent chassis improvements all round, followed by the 'Yank Tanks' and now, the long lamentedly missing Ferrari F1, this looks like being a real landmark year for Carrera.

Whether you like Ferraris or not, availability of this single car alone will raise their world-wide public awareness profile enormously.
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HI Thomas it`s Jon Sword. Awesome picture of the F1! I`ve been told that there are a number of improvements been made to these latest cars so can you tell us how it runs? I will race it non magnet so any advance info would be great mate. should look good with the SRA ferrari pit crew aound it,all twelve figures too! Cheers for the effort with the picture, first one I`ve seen of that car so many thanks.
Nice one with lovely photos - these should raise the Carrera profile significantly in the UK, much more than the Enzos. I will echo Johns request - how do they run esp non-magnet and on a smooth surface (Sport/Carrera). I normally use a SCX with no-magnet which is OK but not great.

HI Tuck, ever tried an F1 87 from SCX as a non magnet car? Brilliant bit of kit, can be exspensive from dealers but the boys picked up a couple at the last NSCC swappie for £12. They go even better with a pro turbo plus. I`m hoping that the above Ferrari is better because it looks superb.
thanks for the tip - one of the members at my club was running one of these with a Scaly Mabuchi glued in - smooooooth. It ran beautifully. Put my SCX to shame.

Haven't tried to source one so I might have to put a call out (I'll try this board) as I'm not planning on making a NSCC event in the near future.

With a bit of organisation and some serious study - Thomas and I should be able to fulfill those 'further test' results for you soon, on Sport track at least?

Might even do a Scalextric F1 Ferrari V Carrera F1 Ferrari comparison for fun huh ?

( Thomas kids are fed, happy and about to get thrown out to go back to school. I am around all afternoon till around 6pm )
...these pictures are pictures of the final printing sample - as soon as teh "real" Ferrari is available, we'll test it - on Scalex and on Carrera - if I've solved the "room-problem" up to then. But the good news for all of you - the F1-cars with the new gear ratio are extremely well driveable - even without mags - but as with all F1-Cars, there is not a lot of space to place additional lead. Comparable laptimes - Ninco / SCX / Scalextric / Carrera will be published later this year in a german/british-joint-venture based in Switzerland

An now I've to call Allan - and interrupt his dishwashing
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Remember that Jon runs on Ninco track. Its interesting that slot racing guru Jon Sword of "Short Circuits" and Phoenix Club is here. This will raise the profile of SlotForum considerably and give it cult status!!!!

I will put a series of questions to you later Jon! (Jon =
! )

One problem for Jon is that all his club mates will want to run the F1 Ferrari, so how will he cope with a field of red F1 cars?

As for the Ferrari from Carrera, it has to be their car of the year and will definitely raise their profile in Spain and Italy.

I am not so sure about the UK. Among club racers who currently get there cars from the big etail stockists and who poo poo Carrera maybe.

But they don't have the number of outlets required to sell to the mass market.


PS why am I a "tea boy"? I thought that was Inte's job?
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Not sure about all that praise but thanks any way. One thing is for sure you can rely on me to promote this forum to the best of my abilities.

One thing about club racers is for sure, if a car is released that runs well then they will have it! Look at the Slot It audi, I was the first at the club to own one but now when you line up there alongside mine are another five. I get my Carrera cars from These guys offer the best service for price around the globe. Their site is very sexy too! I have no snobbish attitude to any manufacturer, if they make a good car I`ll have it. I sponsor Master Motorsport in the British GT Championship. I`ve got Phoenix Scalextric club on the blue Ultima, I really want Scalextric to manufacture this,for obvious reasons! Will send in pics soon. I`m meeting Hornby guys at Brands Hatch this Sunday, I`ll be supporting our car from the pit wall but with one eye on the TVR, an imminent Scalextric release.
Thank you for taking the time to share the photographs, much appreciated

For me, the Ferrari looks better than Carrera's previous F1 efforts, never been a fan i'm afraid.

Carrera have done a great job, particulary like the wheels/tyres. The Ferrari looks good even without the tobacco sponsership.

Another one to go on the wish list .

Only small gripe; am I the only one that thinks the drivers head is abit on the small side...?!

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Hey those do look good don't they? Thanks for these pics, I like'em!

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Looks like a UK to Canada import OR a darn good reason to visit London this fall...

Thanks Thomas for the scoop!

...someone asked for more and better pictures? They are a little big - but....

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Superb pics - thank you for sharing them Thomas

Mark Scale has put them as in stock at £28 as of today (ref 25706 and 25707)? Pre-prod got to the market pretty quick!

2's always a little problem with pre-prod-cars -most of the times you won't get the permission to publish the pictures to early

But I wanted to share them with you ASAP! Compare the pre-prod's with the final ones Mark has in stock!
When I get my ones I'll test them together with Swiss - if they only half as good as they're looking
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Ah, ha!

Carrera and Ferrari, a subject dear to my heart!

[rolls sleeves up]

Looks good, don't she?

As for distribution, I think ModelZone stock Carrera and this model alone, ignoring the Bentley and the old Yank Tanks, will tempt many bricks and mortar retailers to take a punt when the rep comes around.

Can't say I'm tempted, but it does look like a winner for the German brand.
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