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Ferrari F1 preview

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...not to bad I think!
But take care - these are not the final cars - these are samples! There might be a difference to final production cars!!!
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You will have to do a 2003 Toyota Mr Ecosse because it doesn't look as if Scalextric will be doing one.

Demand for the Renault F1 has meant that Scalextric may have made a capacity planning adjustment and the Toyota I suspect was seen as a lower priority launch for later this year, so it may have been quietly dropped.

Back to the Carrera Ferrari. It does look a nice model however something does not look right but lets reserve judgement until we see the production model. Are other folks seeing what I am seeing?

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Wankel, I can't help feeling a sense of anti-climax.

The shackles are off!

The chains of oppression have fallen away!

"Looks good, don't she"?

Tell us how you really feel.

QUOTE Are other folks seeing what I am seeing?

Depends if what you are seeing is a lack of the name 'Scalextric' ( I hope I am wrong )


The lack of a Sponsors name - usual in a kids toy and more so in Germany - in which case I cite Scalextrics 'Kimi' and 'David' cars as using the same formula.


Something else - in which case - spit it out man!
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Either the driver is too small or the car is too wide. The driver appears to sit a bit high aswell and his arms are at a funny angle not condusive to driving an F1 car which has push buttons on the wheel.

I have been putting my Scaley F1 cars up to the monitor at a similar angle to the picture to view the Scaley cars at the same proportions/angle as the picture.

The Carrera Ferrari almost looks 1:28 scale relative to the driver! (lets not go there!

As I said it is a bit unfair to comment becuase it is a pre-production car.

And, no, Scaley F1 cars do not have "Pete" as the driver before you ask!

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QUOTE PS why am I a "tea boy"? I thought that was Inte's job?

s'yeah right.. i'm upper class now matey.. "Tech Team"
got a special siggy too!

ferrari is very nice and bet i can get it cheaper
my suppliers and all.

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Hey Thomas.

How about teasing those folk at SCI with your excellent Ferrari pictures?

After all, most of the members there won't be able to buy one or even see one at their local stockist.

And they will start pleading with us Euros to do them a favour.

Now we could get a few favours in return out of that deal.

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QUOTE It does look a nice model however something does not look right but lets reserve judgement until we see the production model.
Yes,the Engine Cover struck me right away as being way too small,or rather,not nearly tall enough.

This is no doubt,because the rear body deck has to be quite a bit higher in this area to get a gear under it.

If this area had been built to scale,the rear axle gear would have had to 1/8 of an inch in diameter.

Pretty much totally unavoidable in modeling modern F1 cars in 1/32(or any other for that matter)scale.
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If you guys ever need something let me know. (USA) I'll take one.

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...the presentation of the original 2002-F1-Ferrari
...that's the original

..the Ferrari in action
...and I think, they did a good job at Carrera with the slotcar!

When the little red baby is in my hands, I'll compare the dimensions - but just from comparing the pictures it seems correct to me.

About publishing this news at SCI - feel free to link the pictures from my HP over there - but I'll not post this information there....
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@slotcardrivers around the world...

Its a grate honor to read some articles about carrera like these, in a independent slotcar Forum like this one is.

Be sure, I will copy this reactions about our (i`m still working by Stadlbauer M+V GesmbH in Austria - the producer of Carrera Worldwide - someone will know me, because i`m the admin in the Ferrari F1, and will send theme to our company leader and our Designer.

Have a good time..

Carrera Club
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OK dont rush to burn me at the stake for this`s a toy car lads!!! It looks great and it`s not pretending to be an exact replica model. It cant be as per because the thing has to run as a slot car. What really matters is what it goes like? It`s frustrating for a manufacturer when pre prod pics get around and then assesments are made in a negative manner. Just think what has gone into producing this car so far and what these boys have paid for the License! Another point not raised so far...I`ve been told that both Scumi and Rubi`s cars are produced side by side? Is this true? I bet Thomas will know, he`s an International Industrial spy!! Beware walls have ears! I know you don`t have the new cameraman platform from SRA cos I`ve just finished designing it and took the pictures myself!!
Hi Jon,
you're right, there are 2 Ferrari-F1 cars - No.1 and No.2 - and I guess, that in a couple of years teh No.2-car is a collectors itema as everybody is running after Schu's car.
About spy - definitively not! I'm testin lot's of things and I know a couple of people - that's all. And about your TV-Tower... remember I ordered a couple of the old ones - and always when I had finished 1 someone came and bought it - so I need replacements...
Fair comment Jon. Tell that to the folk in the USA!

The point is the hobby has grown massively as an adult pastime in the last few years on the back of highly detailed and accurately scaled models.

Some manufacturers are happy to release prototype pictures as they can learn from feedback.

Some are happy to have pre-production pictures published as they gain from the publicity and still learn from feedback even at this late stage.

Given that model accuracy is one criteria that is critical for some hobbyists, then a manufacturer should expect some criticism from folk for who this is the case if their are discrepancies.

When a manufacturer provides reasons for these discrepancies (such as Scaley with the MG Lola crown wheel bump) then that is to be applauded.

When we are left to our own devices then the manufacturer is leaving himself open.

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Fair points too my friend. Obviously I`m leaning more towards the manufacturer from my own manufacturing experiences. Believe you gotta go gentle with some of these boys .Still a toy though made for the toy market. Look at what happened with the NSSC ,the word SCALEXTRIC isn`t there any more cos of moaning devils pulling cars apart etc. Just think positive encouragement based on fact is ok but my attitude is well if you can do better,great lets see you make one then! To me that car looks great .Good to see carerra take a step forward,as I said before I just wanna see how it goes (following said racing of course my car will not look anything like that any more after it`s hit a few barriers!!!).
HI Thomas,

thanks for the confirmation mate. I`m even more happy now that i`ll have two cars to break!! Send me your address by e mail and I`ll gladly send you a couple of T.V. Towers as a present for doing the best job yet of alerting the boys to a new car. Thanks mate, I love your Ferrari pictures, the old ones you sent me were stunning. Hope you get a new track built and photographed soon pal.
...mail's gone - and you'll receive a nice goodie within the next days - but I also need your valid adress...
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QUOTE then assesments are made in a negative manner
Boy,I must have been reading a different topic,I didn't see any negative posts in this one.
It's a great looking car,and some departures from scale fidelity had to be made to get it to work as a slot car.What's negative about mentioning that?

I aplaud Carrera for thier HUGE change in commitment to improve both the Scale Fidelity,and Performance of thier products.They are deffinitely one of the most improved manufacturers in both these areas in the last two years:cheers:

I think Carrera should be voted Manufacturer of the year.

I would be proud to think that some of my barking(negative comments to a lot of you)has helped bring these changes about.

BWA,Woof Woof Woof.
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2 still owe me a shipping address

And barking helps - I did it for years - about outer outer curve (K4), new gears, scale appearance - and some of the cars which have been released

NEVER stop barking! And don't accept things which don't fulfill your expectations!
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Pic of the actual Carrera Ferrari F1. Have to say even without the ciggy sponsership these are in demand.

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It looks great! I wonder if Carrera will do the entire grid? Thanks Thomas
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