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Ferrari F1 preview

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...not to bad I think!
But take care - these are not the final cars - these are samples! There might be a difference to final production cars!!!
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Mr Material, what can I say? I've been bought by the man, my soul has been purchased in exchange for "Moderator" status.

Oh, the shame.

Thing is, and this is the thing, I'm no fan of Ferrari, I'm no great fan of Crap, sorry, Carrera but this offering is surely much better than the SCX F1 cars and I am a big big fan of SCX.

Hmmm, maybe in that GetKnotted photo the wheels look a tad large, the driver's head a tad small. But I'm being very picky about a model I have no intention of purchasing.

Someone said it above, it's a toy. Like Hornby, I think Carrera always have an eye on the real cash cow: the ordinary punter. Those who frequent dark corners of the internet like this site, are outside of the norm. Sorry guys, you're all freaks. (I'm quite sane)

Let's face it, there are a lot of fans who will like this and buy it. They may all soon be posting on this board moaning that it can't keep pace with a Margate Missile but it will sell. Sheesh with insight like that I should be earning a packet in the stock market.
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Funny thing Nuro but my view is the Ferrari looks better without the sponsorship!

It gives the car almost a 1960's look.

And they say nostalgia sells.

And you thought it sold because it was a Ferrari!

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Nit pickers can get nitted as far as I am concerned - it is gorgeous.

Good job I said that and not the guys from Get Sliotted!

The amusing thing is that the missing logo actually draws attention TO Marlboro, infinitely more effectively than if it were present on the car. Its omission is a totally counter productive exercise imho.
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if you're missing the sponsor logos- there might be a chance to place a downloadable file on my HP with the correct dimensions so you can print and palce your own decals to add the prohibited Nicotine-advert. on this beautiful toy!
And big thx to getslotted for showing No.2!!!
Thanks Thomas. Point is though this is how the car appeared for several races any way isn`t it? Mind you i cant stand this politic correctness nowadays, what a load of nonsense.
..the CArrera-livery of the Ferrari-F1 represents the cars raced at the belgian GP in SPA 2002

@ Jon - to be political correct is missing half the fun of life
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Thought so, thanks. Mind you if you want an F1 that is not P.C. then I reckon Gary at MRE can sort you out the necessary decals. I know he does Rothmans for the old Williams. With or without that Ferrari is beautiful and it`s gonna make me happy... I liked the previous Carerra F1`s but they didnt run too well so now they sit in the pit lane at the club looking sad and lonely!
OH Happy days!! Dick Dastardley AKA Paul from the club/new owner SRA is calling round to hand deliver two of each of these beauties! Within the hour they will be on the club track so expect a verdict for racing non mag on Ninco track on a 150 foot `technical but fast` six lane circuit. Second opinions from The `Guvnor` P. Darbs, `Slot Timmy` and the `Iceman`! catch up with you later!
Just placed my order here in the US. with Sportscrafter. Should be here in a week or two.

Hey Scatman see what happens if you turn againsy your King....the agony of that waiting mate. I just opened mine a minute ago...I could hear musical fanfares as the sun shone down onto each of the cars as they emerged from the boxes. My opinion? Oh yes,yes,yes, what a stunning effort. Not big and chunky as previous cars. Don`t worry guys the drivers head isn`t too big and they are not out of scale, just beautiful. Now to see how they race!
Hi Jon,

Looking forward to reading about your findings

Regarding nit-picking, blame Fly... Gotten used to being spoilt

The more pictures I see the more impressed, it looks rather spiffing.
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Jonny, Just in time for this weekends F1 race. Enjoy

I`m not gonna run a review here as Tuck is a whole lot better at that than me. I was a bit crafty tonite at the club. I received mine from srapaul. There were two left. Paul darbs bought the Schumi version and Jimbobnoknob bought the Rubi. So paul doesn`t want to put his on the track cos it looks good, mine are already secreted in my car so we look at Jim. It`s a little like playing poker. Jim breaks! We are like kids at Christmas. Out it comes...gasp! First thing,underneath it`s got two magnets! One an SCX type at the rear and the other as per the norm for Carerra.

So by now we have a crowd and about six guys have a go. My reason for stating this is so you know it`s not just my opinion....... BIG disapointment. As a magnet car there is just too much pull on the magnets so it`s not going too well. Who cares we cry, we dont run F1 with magnets so off comes the rear magnet,easy. the middle one not quite so... twist it with some pliers to 45 degrees then away it comes. Now you got to remember we are on Ninco track here and it looks great, smashing toy car, I`m already in love with it but....It drives like a drunken rat! It`s all over the place,surely the guide is in the wrong place? The front wheels are rigid and so it tips outa the slot dead easy and it fish tails down the long straight.

So it seems it may need some work. Darbs will crack it he`s a genius! But we got to wait til next week, by then the guide,gears,tyres etc will have been changed and we will see what can be done.... but i still love this car (even if mine are gonna live on the shelf).
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..on NINCO you've to change the guide - it's to wide to pass the connection area - the slots are narrower there. I've still not got my pair of cars - lost by swiss mail -they're tracking it

I'll keep you informed what's to do to make that beauty a runner! FYI - the Williams-BMW are my fastest F1-cars -followed by Scalex, Ninco and then SCX - all without mag, stock components, tires trued with the RSW (ReifenSchleifMaschine) - running on a fast 30m-Carrera-Track, 14.8V / 3A each lane, Parma 25Ohm controllers...
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got to be a review from you two - maybe John concn on how it runs on Ninco in original state and modified and Thomas on looks and running on Carrera. I did not intend to get one of these unless it is potentially competitive w/o a magnet on routed track

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