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QUOTE (McLaren @ 28 Oct 2004, 03:11)Ninco has a Ferrari license...


Not an Official one they don't mate, or maybe they had a one off for their F1 car.

Mattel has the License from Ferrari,and guard it jealously. Carrera are the only ones to manage to swing a deal for Slot cars. Everyone else recently (ProSlot/Ninco et al) either took a chance, did not actually push it as a Ferrari or got clobbered, well the Retail outlets did, by Ferrari who stuck post production fees on all cars released as Ferraris without license.
See Fly Daytonas, first couple had Ferrari logos, after that and a few shops getting hit for a rumoured €150 per car for dealing without license and Fly removed the logo and changed the name on the box for all following releases.
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