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i have just started on making a track using scalextric sports digital
Ferrari raceway came to my head because i love ferraris (what teen doesnt) but still
here is a track desine

it isnt corrent as i have lenthend the start finish straght but then run out of straight track so i have to shorten it again (but not as much as on the plans here)
im realy only going to race f1 on this track and im going to put it packable wooden boards when i scenerise.
RW fan
P.S. i will put a picture of the new desine asap

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QUOTE (miveson @ 31 Aug 2010, 09:37) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Only thing I'll say is that the inside lane has a serious advantage, you could mitigate this advantage by extending the right hand R1 area and extending it to closer to the left hand side.

QUOTE (raikkonen_webber fan @ 31 Aug 2010, 10:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>as it's digital it doesnt realy matter about it
so you get your self into the inside lane and dont shift intill you need to pit!

I'm in the software design phase too and this question is the one thing I'm still not clear on.

Is it, as RW says, a good thing to have one lane with an advantage - whether by being shorter or quicker or both - since digital allows all drivers to use this lane.

Or is it, as Mark is saying I think, not a good thing because, even with lane changing, being forced to "go round the outside" to attempt an overtake is going to make for very difficult passing? (Perhaps even impossible with two reasonably matched drivers?) It seems, on paper, that perhaps once in the lead a driver would become almost impossible to pass?


(This is the question I was trying to raise over in Digital circuit design and conducting races ... (see my post towards the end of page 4)
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