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Ferrari raceway

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i have just started on making a track using scalextric sports digital
Ferrari raceway came to my head because i love ferraris (what teen doesnt) but still
here is a track desine

it isnt corrent as i have lenthend the start finish straght but then run out of straight track so i have to shorten it again (but not as much as on the plans here)
im realy only going to race f1 on this track and im going to put it packable wooden boards when i scenerise.
RW fan
P.S. i will put a picture of the new desine asap
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Unfortunately Digital has the problem of needing at least 1 straight track before a changer of any sort. It will unfortunately mean a hefty re-design which ia a shame as basically its a great track with a depth of technical driving. You may be tight fo a border on the Hairpinon the right.
To be honest I think there are too many lane changers. You proably only want 1 about every 4m of track, thats proably only about 2 seconds appart. The cross over tracks are probably an issue as well, particularly as youalready have racing line changes. It takes time to pass and too many crossovers of any type tend to spoil the flow and make overtaking too difficult. It dependes wheather you already have the tracks. Its persomal opinion only of course.
1 - 2 of 61 Posts
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