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Ferrari raceway

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i have just started on making a track using scalextric sports digital
Ferrari raceway came to my head because i love ferraris (what teen doesnt) but still
here is a track desine

it isnt corrent as i have lenthend the start finish straght but then run out of straight track so i have to shorten it again (but not as much as on the plans here)
im realy only going to race f1 on this track and im going to put it packable wooden boards when i scenerise.
RW fan
P.S. i will put a picture of the new desine asap
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How's that track looking at the moment ?

I like the Monaco plan, it looks like it has the real flavour of the 1:1 tarmac !
We have a Monaco plan at MRW ( alas not built, YET ! ).
I like the squeeze sections at 'Sainte Devote' & 'Tabac', it looks to have a real street-circuit feel to it.

Nice 'Nouvelle Chicane', 'Swimming Pool' & 'Anthony Noghes' corners, as well, on that plan.

Mark should have got the tittle last year, I CRIED !, that he didn't quite make it.
Oh well, he's def. the most 'airborne' Aussie ever on 4 wheels !!!

What you doing with the Raceway at the moment ?


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Best of wishes, & FAST CARS to your club in Aus.


How yur doon bruv ?

I think that the gap between the pit-straight & pit-lane...
...should be 1/4-straight closer together, maybe.

Dunno if you can get the single-lane as a 1/4-straight ( I think you can; can't you ? )...
...looks like you gotta do a bit of cutting on the R1's in to the pits anyhow.

It would give 'the look' of the pit-wall, squeezed between the start/finish straight & pit-lane...
...which is normaly how they are.

Would also mean a bit more space for garages & car padocks, behind the pits.

Looks like a c o o l track !



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Obviously spotted that one !

I think you could have a pretty nice area for pits & garages with that design.

Let's see the ammended-design, with any small changes you've made.

" How thick's a track piece ? "
( get a freakin' RULE !!! )


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Hi again RWF

You were wondering about supports earlier.

What kind of space are you designing this for ?

Obviously a basic 'L' shape.

Is the diagonal void at the top-right for a 'pop up'...
...or like where a door, or some other thing is ?

Just curious.

If it was me, I might think about moving some of the lane-changers, a tad...
...not from the basic positions they are in, but by a 1/2 straights worth, here and there.

Well actually, the one on the start/finish straight, seems a bit iffy...
...I think Mr. Flippant said that as well.

I like the curved x-overs BTW...
...we just got a few more for MRW...
...nice track section.


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...been on this page for about 4 hours...
...and then just posted... didn't see the new plan you just put up...
...till after posting.

Looks cool...
...proper look tomorrow.

...bed-time !



You about mid-afternoon in Aus...
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Merry Christmas !!!

What space/room/garage/whatever/etc. is the track being designed for ?

How many of the track-parts do you have all ready ?

I like the plan...
...but I think there are a few issues, as well.


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Hi again RWF

What I mean is...
...if that space is a room... that the whole-space ie. 4x3 m

I guess if it is, the door must be bottom-left.

Are there any windows ?

Description of the space would be good to hear/post.


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You tell me what's more important !...

...the chicks or the racing ?

( maybe about 50-50 ? )

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was going to have a go at drawing something for your room...
...but needed the room size EXACTLY.

I see you added where the door & window are now...
...and the room looks to be ABOUT...5 x 3.25 metres.

What is the EXACT size of the room ?...
...If you measure it accuratly; I would love to have a bash at drawing a track for your space.

I have been doing lots of UR3 designs lately... we are looking for a worthy successor to the current MRW Motor Speedway circuit.

How wide the window is, and whether it is in the middle etc...
& also where the door is ( right in the corner by the looks ) would be helpful.
I assume Aussie doors are 2 1/2' wide, as most are here !

Get back to me on this RWF...
...I am a UR3 track drawing ADDICT, and it's FUN !



The other usefull thing to know is...
...what size sheets of plywood do you get in Aus. ?
They come here, around 4ft & 5ft wide x er? I've forgotten...
...what sizes do you get there...( EXACT in Metres/Centimetres please )... designing for simple quarter, half, third cuts of a whole sheet is worth considering.

G day to you.....................................................................

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