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Ferrari raceway

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i have just started on making a track using scalextric sports digital
Ferrari raceway came to my head because i love ferraris (what teen doesnt) but still
here is a track desine

it isnt corrent as i have lenthend the start finish straght but then run out of straight track so i have to shorten it again (but not as much as on the plans here)
im realy only going to race f1 on this track and im going to put it packable wooden boards when i scenerise.
RW fan
P.S. i will put a picture of the new desine asap
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im thinking of changing the top hairpin to sideswipes
would people recomend
si ive actully done that just havnt posted the design, still wondering whether wood or steel would be a better frame, also how thick is a track piece?
here you go Si
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after a non slotcar christmas
i did a bit of work to use up all the space, still waiting for my sister & brother in law to move out so i can get started
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Mr flippant the lap counter was just me as i already have one i may as well use it
Si the door is in that corner & a window down were the back straight is, im just guessing the space as its a bedroom that is still being used for another few weeks (fingers crossed)
at the currant time theres a queen size bed (with aprox .75m to spare) down the side that has the big r4 corner and the long side is aprox double that,
thanks mate, knowing your a new boy ill ask you this quickly, were did you buy your stuff? (tates?) im kind of sick of buying things that have to be posted to me
As im still waiting while not 100% clear on space, i tried shortning the track as well as installing a dual lane pit lane (which i have always wanted!) as well as le mans starts (the funny things down the start finish straight (im not good at adding new track pieces into Ultimate racer)) i put a few Racing line CLC's in (they were frustrating to add aswell), though i cant start yet Grr (hopefully a few weeks s what im told, mind i am like a little mushroom, kept in the dark and fed on bull
anyway im getting verry exited, ill shut up and let you guys study the changes as you do so well
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Long time since an update, nothing has happened, just waiting for the sister and her partner to move out, seems like its not going happen. Studys have also gotten in my way to do anything. im setting up a small carpet track for now, I will upload photos when ive finished
been a while again. scince the last update I have bought and worked up my first car and got addicted to iracing so its not my fault. My first year of university is now over so hopefully I can get started
21 - 29 of 61 Posts
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