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FIA GT & ETCC Donington Park

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I went to the LG Super Racing weekend at Donington Park for my annual fix of GT and ETCC racing. I could only manage the Saturday due to work commitments on Sunday and the weather was a bit damp to say the least but what do you expect the same weekend as Wimbledon and Glastonbury!

Here's a few of my photographs and apologies for the file size for anyone who isn't Broadband.

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Nuro - I've perfected the art of balancing a golfing umbrella under one arm with the handle in my jacket pocket!! while I take photos - it must look odd but it keeps the worst of the weather off.

John - I use Bonusprint for processing, I try to be careful with composition and all these pictures are full frame but sometimes I crop on an enlargement or in the computer. You don't think I risked driving the Morris to Donington do you! I took the day car - when I got to Donington I found it was also hosting the Morris Minors Owners Club annual meeting in the campsite.

Alan - I felt a bit guilty disturbing him while he was doing his exercises just before his practice session.

Fergy - Don't get me started about my photography I can bore for England about the races I shot over the years!

Thank you Maltese.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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