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I mentioned to Pace that I used to own a Fiat 131 Abarth when I was a young`un.
So he kindly sent me this lovely example by SCX.
It`s a really nice model & has brought back a load of happy memories from when I could drive..
Thanks Pace, you`re a gent!


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I did Kev, Leo (Scuderia Turini) has one he made up, I had loads of help from him with the decals. I reckon the SCX 131 handles a bit better than the Escort Mark 2.

I still have to finish my 131 off with rally plates for the Welsh.

Cheers - Phil

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I always hankered after the French made Scalextric one. But I've never seen one for real. I also wanted the yellow and black Alpine Renault that Scalextric France released at the same time. I've seen one on ebay but it went for silly money.

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Allreeet Kev
may i say mighty fine taste you have there by owning a real 131 abarth.Dad had quite a few hot fiats in the late seventies and early eighties.

The 131 being one of them and then a strada 105tc followed by a lovely 130tc wich he would never let me drive having just gained my provisional license.

The first car i got to drive as a learner was when he let the 130tc go and traded it for a 132 automatic.

All were great cars with engines way ahead of there time,none of your ford or BL pressed steel rocker covers it was all die cast ally...
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