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Fill-A-Gap, or similar??

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I've built my Scalextric classic/SCX Chrono rally track with some quite severe (for plastic track) gradients. The curves in that section have home made borders, which I did by cutting hardboard to fit under the track and then glued the borders to. So far, so good.

The problem I'm having is supporting the borders. I've had what seems to be a daft idea:- What about spraying Fill-A-Gap between the table and track? Because the track has the hardboard under it, the foam will not be able to get through the track webs and into the slots - so that won't be an issue.

Has anyone tried anything similar to this? If so, was it successful?

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I was going to suggest something to hold the track down as well. If the track is just floating, not stuck to a sheet of wood or something for support, then the foam will easily lift the track as it expands.
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