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Finally SCX easy DIY wireless controllers

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I am new to the forum.

Maybe this is the place this note?

Longtime in love with Slot car 1:32

Analog and digital Scalextric is great fun, but I love SCX.

The only thing, the fu****g wire restriction.

I have almost no "electronic" skills.
For years no solution to the wire problem.

Evolution happend.

Now you can buy at Car RC-transmitter with super fast servos (like 0.09s or better). It is cheap og even I could build the servos together with the original controller. Remove the spring inside, drill a hold, make a connection-wire.
Automotive lighting Electrical wiring Technology Cable Wire

It works even better than the Scalextric ARC pro, and a Car RC controller is nice.

A small How-to, is on Youtube, if you want to bring new life to a dusty lot of SCX digital:

Oh, I almost forgot. The no-new-car for SCX problem.
You can find my connection pieces for converting Carrera new slot cars to SCX digital:

Still the best track to put together and take apart. Still easy to take motors apart and service.
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Wow. Now there's a first post to the forum. :)
Very clever and resourceful.
Also, your conversion parts for Carrera to SCXD is great! I hope more SCXD users see these things.
Thank you. But not sure I got more in the box :)

But, I made a small 1 gram brick to many kind of DIY borders and it fits Scalextric, Carrera and SCX tracks.

3D-print is on Thingiverse:

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