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A new chapter in the life of a London based scalex club is about to begin, as I'm sure a lot of you already know we used to be known as "New Tottenham Raceway", unfortunately various circumstances that were beyond our control forced us out of the building that we were operating from and desperate measures were put into place to find a new venue, 2 days later as luck would have it, one of our members, (thank you Spongey) through one of his contacts found us a great place in Finchley Manor Garden centre (hence the name), East End Rd, Finchley N.2,

The building had been empty for some time and the place looked like it needed a bit of work and a few quid spent on it, after a brief look over we estimated (in true British fashion) that there was 3-4 weeks worth of work, and we were the men for the job.....

6 months and approximately 10 million quid later we were still not finished, it was at this point that not only did we realise, we weren't the 'men we once were' but, that the club was still a long way from being ready....

There really was a helluva lot more work than we first thought, in fact we were all a bit down in the dumps and on the verge of giving up on the whole venture but with a final effort and some of the old Dunkirk spirit we got well and truly stuck in and eventually, after much effort from, Squiddy, Spongey, Fat Bloke, Chinese(web site & I.T. setup), Doug, Little Sumo, our 2 new members Tony and Jimmy (Heckle and Speckle) and Me.

We at long last got the place cleaned up, walls painted, doors fitted, (there were no doors when we moved in), lights working, roof leaks fixed, stairs moved? (blimey), carpet tiles laid, track brought down from the 3rd floor at the old place, loaded into a van (about 3 loads worth), stripped down, redesigned, rebuilt, totaly rewired, looking great and running really well...phew... 3-4 weeks ha ha..

The room itself, while being a little narrower than our previous place is a fair bit longer, therefore the track has had considerable alteration and although we used most of the previously made up bits (in a different order) it is quite unlike, yet still has a similarity, to the old track, does that makes sense?

The room size and shape obviously had quite an influence in our thinking of the new design, so Spongey and I made an "executive decision" we decided that although we wanted to keep some of the more challenging sections in, we also wanted to make the newer sections faster and more flowing, and I reckon, even if I say so myself, that 'we have done a darn good job of it

Strangely enough, and quite unbelievably, up to now most of our fellow racers seem to agree too... I think all in all that we've achieved what we were looking for, a great new flowing track yet still managing to retain some of the "bite you on the bum when you're not looking" spirit of the old NewTottenham...

The latest track videos are on the website they were taking on Tuesday, work is still in progress on the room, we have loads of posters to put up and various odd jobs to be done but we will be racing every Tuesday (sorry had to change from Mondays) from now on.

We will have to finish the decorations when we have spare time..... by the way if anybody is handy with hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches etc. your more than welcome to come along and help, don't all rush now, no pushing at the back...

So there you have it our new club, anyone fancy coming along you are most welcome, race fees for new members will be £5.00 per night, next week we will be racing Ninco GT cars NC5's, no Ortmanns or silicon type tyres, the new rules and race classes will be drawn up over the next couple of weeks, but for the moment we are not too worried so if you don't have the appropriate cars and you want to come along, feel free to bring any cars that you have got, just get on the track and have a blast.

Hope to see you soon.... Nobby
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