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Firefox Browser

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I forget... Everyone was moaning on about Firefox and Mozilla being the only choice for web browsing so I downloaded it, and now I can for the life of me see why it's any different to IE. Anyone know?

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I was having to run AdAware and a full virus scan every couple of days when I was using IE as my browser (on WinXP), now I have gone over to Firefox that is down to once a fortnight and I have suffered precisely no browser hijacks or javascript popup dungeons.

Forget what you might have thought about Netscape in the past (as Mozilla is basically an Open Source version of that old browser) I've yet to find anything that doesn't work properly with it. It also checks for new versions automatically and all the patches it has downloaded have been only a couple of k a piece.

Now if they would just add the mouse 'gesture' shortcuts from Opera (right mouse + sweep left for back etc.) I would be a very happy boy!

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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