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Firefox Browser

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I forget... Everyone was moaning on about Firefox and Mozilla being the only choice for web browsing so I downloaded it, and now I can for the life of me see why it's any different to IE. Anyone know?

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Ah... I'm getting used to it now, and it's pretty good.

It gives me a lot more space for browsing pages and the Tabs are absolutely great

What other features shall I check out?

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The "Image Zoom" extension is also excellent.

By right clicking and scrolling the mouse wheel simultaneously over an image you can instantly resize it to whatever magnification you want. It's great for shrinking large photos which stretch out the forum because the window resizes with it. It's also good for enlarging little pictures so that they are easier to see.

I'm definatly a Firefox convert and now I'm off to download the extensions that Nuro suggested...

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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