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Firmware upgrade for type C O201C in SSD mode

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Important firmware upgrade for the universal 'type C' chip, for SSD users: the new firmware fixes runaway car bug and a few other things.
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Excellent! I look forward to giving it some time on the track.
Testing ASAP.
According to a FB post, this SSD mode firmware update has been removed from the server. as one person has had a problem and can't reflash it.

I had also tried it but assumed I had messed up the flashing process as the red led was constantly flashing and I couldn't change the ID. Also, it would only run in one direction on the APB.

It took me a long time to get it back in DFU mode to flash it back to the Oxigen firmware but I got there in the end, just through repeated attempts and holding a magnet over the Hall sensor.
Oh dear ......... :(
An update that fixes known issues has been posted.
That's odd. I copied it from's post in the oXigen forum.

I just went to their site and found it, and clicked this link and downloaded the file:

Ah, I compared the file names, and there appears to be a newer one.
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Nice one ......... :)
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