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Welcome to the forum!

1/43 scale and Carrera Go! are a really good entry-point into slot cars. You get a lot for your money and you can fit much more track into a normal-sized space that the bigger 1/32 and 1/24 scale systems.

The set you have bought looks like it is battery operated? Other 1/43 scale enthusiasts will hopefully chip in with a more definitive answer, but I am pretty sure the battery operated sets run on 6 volts and have controllers and cars that are designed to only work at those voltages.

The standard Carrera Go! sets and cars are designed to work off a wallwart transformer that provides just under 15 volts. What I think you'll find is that your cars will feel too fast and out of control on a standard Go! track with 15 volts. Likewise, standard Go! cars will barely move on the 6V battery pack.

So how to progress? The battery set is great fun - enjoy it. The track pieces (apart from the power supply straight) are identical to all other Carrera Go! track, so you can easily expand your layout. The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to pick up more sets (second-hand is good). This will probably leave you with options for both a 15 volt and a 6 volt set-up - use your original cars with the 6V power pack, power straight & controllers and your standard Go! cars with the 15V power pack, power straight & controllers.

As for Canadian Go! dealers - a Google search may help - plus a search on eBay Canada. Probably your best bet is buying from the USA, finding places that ship cheaply to Canada. There are lots of cars available both new and used, plus some spares. You can also buy individual track pieces - including wider-radius turns, lap counters and some great 'novelty' pieces like chicanes and bridges.

Carrera have recently released a new power, lap timing and 'gaming' add-on to Go! called "Go Plus". It is based around an app for apple and android smart devices and I like it. Go Plus also had a pit stop game piece, which really adds to the racing. It's aimed at youngsters and the young-at-heart rather that serious scale modellers.

There is also a digital version of Go! called "Carrera Digital 143". Compared to other digital systems, it is fairly limited - just 3 cars on track - but has the usually lane changing etc. Although the track is compatible, everything else - cars, controllers, power base etc - is different and can be very expensive.

My tip would be to progress with the 15V Carrera Go! system and maybe add the Carrera Go Plus accessories at some point.

There are lots of good tips on this 1/43 forum about how people like to run their 1/43 tracks, cars from other manufacturers and the possibilities for stratch-building and modelling using 1/43 diecast cars and plastic kits.
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