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Welcome to the 1/43rd scale forum.

Looking at the pictures this doesn't look like a Carrera Go!!! set, the normal Go!!! controllers and barriers are different.. Is it battery powered? I know Carrera do a few battery sets that here in the UK are sold through the bargain stores, but this looks more like one of the generic sets produced in Hong Kong. Any chance of a photo of the bottom of the cars?

Like has already been said you can spend as much or little as you like. Second hand cars can be bought quite cheap from the e_b** but most will be from Europe or the US so you will have to consider postage costs. Even for new cars 1/43rd scale is one of the cheaper options.

Using the search option you will find lots if answers but no matter how trivial a question you post you will get a friendly response from other members.

So enjoy your set and have fun.

PS to post pictures use the more option and then choose file to loads files directly from your computer.
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