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This is my first post here and I have some questions. I recently bought a figure 8 analogue Carrera GO set at a second hand store. I am completly new to slot cars so I have no knowlage about the hobby and was looking for some advice.

How expensive is the hobby?

I understand that no hobbys are free and was wondering if getting into slot cars is financialy draining?

How inviting is the community to new comers?

I used to be into model railroading and I found the community was quick to brush me off unless I was willing to pour all my time and money into my railroad.

Where is the best place for canadians to shop for Carrera Go products?

Carrera's website/store seems to be a little bit lacking/hard to navigate.

Can I buy replacement stickers for the cars?

Could anyone tell me anything about my set?

It came without a box so I have no manuals or information. Does anyone know the



-Technical information

(I built the supports myself as the "Ball Socket Pyramids" [don't know if there's an official name] that were with it were broken)

Thank you, Trogdor22
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