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As others have said, it is a Carrera set. I have a Spiderman version of the same set for my son...not that he uses it!

Having established what track you have, the first thing to do is to get more Carrera Go! track and cars. I'm sure you will have noticed by now that the little figure 8 isn't a huge challenge to drive or indeed that much fun. It is one of my biggest gripes with slot manufacturers actually. The entry level sets are so minimalist in terms of track that they quickly become dull and end up being shoved in the loft.

But let's think positive and look at the good things.

1. Carrera Go! is readily available and cheap to buy. You can buy new cars from around £15 and there are lots of second hand bargains to be had too. It will cost you about £30 to acquire a couple more sets which will give you mains power and controllers, lots more track and probably 4 more cars to boot. Look on Facebook selling pages, eBay and car boot sales if you enjoy them. I do and slot bargains can often be had.

2. 1/43rd scale is seriously cool because it offers high detail cars (Carrera's F1 cars are jaw dropping in my opinion) that you would expect in 1/32nd scale at a price that makes 1/64th scale (HO) look ludicrously over priced. You can get a great layout in a smaller space and you can get I believe 3 different radius corners to make your track that much more interesting to drive on and race.

3. The cars can be modified. Carrera Go! cars are very stuck down with strong traction magnets but with minimal effort and expense you can take the magnets out. You can add weight instead. You can fit a guide blade instead of a pin guide and you can fit better rear tyres. This will make the cars more challenging to drive which makes it more fun and more interesting.

4. Homebuilt cars. I picked up a set of 3 Airfix 1/43rd static models for £1 at a car boot sale. That's potentially 3 slot cars. And if you find Lloyd's great thread on his credit card chassis builds, that means I could have 3 cars built for under £15. And that's over estimating the cost of parts somewhat.

And then you can look at things like lap timing, better controllers and power supplies. Landscaping your track if you made a permanent one. Or even making your own track.

You could make your own track and have 10 cars to race on it for the price of a single model locomotive. I make that a very affordable hobby.
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