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Looking at making my first foray into building a kit slot car so im basically asking you more knowledgable folk based on any experiences you have which would be the most "user friendly" kit to have a go at.
Would prefer a kit thats all there ie motor et al or advice on which motor suits etc and preferably pre painted with just decals to add etc etc <not quite confident to take on painting yet>

Ive no particular preference of either make or model just something to have a go at and hopefully race at home.
just seen pics on here of kits people have made and have to admit some are quite the work of art !!!
Ease me in gently folks as the actress said...

Any advice gratefully received

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Hi Kevin,

Not sure if this is any use, but Scalextric make some models in plain white. No building required (which may not be what you're looking for.) Personally I have painted a few cars etc. and thoroughly enjoyed it... They are no way near the standard that appear on this site, but I've enjoyed the process all the same - I'm cool with that. Don't doubt your abilities or be afraid to try!

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Hi Kevin

I'm new to this game too but when I was looking for cars to build myself I found the best way was to browse e-bay. I found 10 motors for £12.00, a few of the Airfix/Revell/Matchbox 1/32 models, bought some gears, wheels etc from Pendle some plasticard (or lolly sticks!!) for the chassis and away I went. I now have 4 'scratchbuilds' finished and 3 others waiting all for about £35.00. They are not up to the standard of many on here but they are a good start and I feel I am getting better and having fun. And if I ruin one I know it has not cost me a fortune.
As has been said before nothing beats watching something YOU built running around the track.
Give it a go you will enjoy it


· Alan Tadd
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Give it a go, you won't regret it.

I would go with one of the "wider bodied" kits first, cause it's easier if you have a little more room to work.

Meco's idea is a really good starting point, or you could just buy the complete MRRC chassis kit and fit it to one of the Airfix Ferrari 250's. The only tricky part is fabricating chassis mountings, but we can explain that in detail if you want.

Also the Airfix Porsche 917, this will need a bit of cutting about but you can fit a Fly chassis or the HRS chassis.

The other alternaive is buy a bodyshell from Pendle, (Sean has some great shells around the £10 mark), and build your own chassis to fit. It really is not difficult.

If you want any help, just shout.



· Matt Tucker
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My first was a top slot kit with hrs chassis - I loved doing it and the car still takes pride of place on my cabinet and it goes very well with the excellent chassis. My exploits were well documented on TT

I've also completed the excellent MRRC clubman Porsche 904 which again is superb with a excellent chassis. I followed swiss article and found that invaluable and helped produce a very nice model that easily trounces my other classic models.

Both of these kits have everything you need except the paint, glue and tools and although a little more expensive are worth it. If you are happy making your own chassis (lolly pop sticks) and altering a body to fit a chassis (or vice versa) then go with any model kit you can find (airfix, latest revel or scalextirc statics kits, top slot, orca).

There are more expensive ones (racer, maxi models) but I believe if you are going to spend that much I'd go a little bit more and buy them in rtr form.

it is very satisfying completing them and yours will be a ltd ed run of 1 ie unique

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