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Thanks all, just to summarize for quicker read:

1. Adjusting the slot liner at the track joints. (Pic please to illustrate)

2. NINCO #80112 ProRace suspension guide replacement for cars (

3. best braids for digital slot racing are the soft, flexible tinned (silver) kind, such as Ninco ProRace braids. ( Make sure that the braids are fanned (splayed) out at the ends. This is accomplished by gently pulling the braids apart at the edges and/or pushing the braids toward the front of the [upside-down] car with your thumbs. The braids should also be angled down by about thirty degrees from the front of the guide.

4. Keep it clean: Cleaning solutions. One in particular is INOX.

5. The lane change track sections have a gap in the liner where the flipper operates. Guide flags can get hung up in these gaps. Put a strip of electrical or packing tape over the trailing edge of the gap (where the guide flag catches) to form a smoother transition. (pic please)
Edit. I found this better sollution for no 5 from
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