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First Issue Feedback

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Please let us know your thoughts on the first issue what you liked what you didn't like what you'd like to see included etc.

many thanks

Slot car Mag team
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Hi Wayne

There must be a few disappointed readers like me, who downloaded the magazine from the email link, but were not aware that the issue had to be saved, since this link has now expired and I cannot read the issue. Maybe a warning to this effect might avoid future disappointment.

Sorry about that Jon if you pm me your email I'll send you a copy to keep.


Guys. It's a good start, and something that can obviously be built upon. Only suggestion would be more...
could someone help in clearing up a small misunderstanding.
Is this magazine only available as a download and not as a subscribed hard copy.
The magazine is available as a hard copy check our website for a link.

We currently aren't offering a subscription I'm afraid.

only just joined did not have a chance to see it where can i download it or buy from
Hi Wayne

Thank you for resending me the magazine, I've made sure to save it to my computer!

However, I have the same problem reading it on my iPhone and iPad as before (were the images and some text does not show). I thought this problem had been fixed?

Tony if you follow the link to our homepage you can purchase the pdf from there or theres a link to the printed copy also.

Jon I'm sending you the larger fixed file sorry didn't realise it was for ipad.

Just like to add my thanks to everyone that's bought a copy and given us feedback.

Also - If you do decide to buy a hard copy, keep an eye on Lulu for promotions. These occasionally flash up on the Lulu site and can give you deals such as 20 per cent off. Note: They don't appear all the time though, and the deals change from one month to the next.

Happy reading

Well, my hard copy of the first issue has just arrived. I may be old fashioned in this respect, but there is nothing quite like holding a magazine or book in your hand and the excitement as you turn the page to reveal the visual feast of the next page. Electronic copies just don't offer the same feeling.

Boys, once again I must say congratulations. It looks fantastic!! Much better than I expected. Well done. Abbo they layout is top notch.

At USD 6.99 it is certainly cheaper than buying an imported mag off the shelf. Not that I can buy slotty mags off the shelf. I have, on occasion, bought model rail mags to absorb some of the scenic reviews and how to articles. But the cheapest of these is AUD 9.95 for a domestic offering or AUD 12.95 for an import.

My only quibble is probably more greed than anything. I want more! I know more content means more work, more pages, and more expense to buy. But I wouldn't be adverse to paying more to get more.

Another consideration, perhaps a suggestion, though it is probably more LuLu related. Is it possible for you to use the inside of the covers? Maybe for some 'wow' photos? Or even consider dropping the weight of the cover stock down a notch or two from the card stock that it is currently? I don't know how much control you have over what LuLu produces on your behalf.

Bring on Issue 2!

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Coo gosh thanks, Embs, for your very kind words. From what I gather, if we added more pages the price would suddenly take a giant leap - Abbo will clarify this, I'm sure - but those Australian prices are certainly food for thought! You've got me wondering whether we could do a souped-up 'Australia-only' version...

Thanks again

Thank you Ember for your kind words.

Re the inside of the covers... unfortunately, Lulu doesn't allow printing on the inside front or inside back.

Paper stock - that's the cheapest stock believe it or not...

More pages.... higher price I'm afraid and as you probably know, magazines have to be done in page multiples of 4 (i.e. we'd have to add a minimum of 4 pages)*.

kind regards


* It is possible to have a page count that is not in multiples of 4... but not without causing problems!
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Hi, I recently downloaded the PDF. Version of Slotmag, read the first couple of articles of which I was impressed.

However on returning to my iPad a day or 2 later to finish reading I have discovered the "link has expired"

Is the dowload for a set time as I do not recall being informed that it would "expire" when I paid for it?

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I opted for the PDF version; my wife recently insisted that we add another bookcase in the den "just for your car books". I figured this would be a good way not to add to the clutter, much as I enjoy reading and rereading my favorite books and magazines the old fashioned way. (I've refused to buy a Kindle and I consider it sinful to sell or give away any of my car books or magazines).

I really enjoyed issue one. I'd prefer an annual subscription if for no other reason than I wouldn't have to remind myself to check in and find out when the next issue will be available.

I wish you much success in your venture.. so much success that you convert to a monthly magazine before the end of 2011!

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your positive comments.

We are currently looking into subscriptions amongst other things so keep checking our website as any developments will be posted there.

Once again thanks the Slotcarmag team.
Will all of us who have purchased the 1st issue be notified via the email once the 2nd issue is available?
I will send an email out to everyone who bought the issue 1 pdf as soon as issue 2 is available.


Meanwhile - I'm trying to cram 4 million words that have just arrived from Portugal (It seems that many) plus pictures into 2 pages

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