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Well, my hard copy of the first issue has just arrived. I may be old fashioned in this respect, but there is nothing quite like holding a magazine or book in your hand and the excitement as you turn the page to reveal the visual feast of the next page. Electronic copies just don't offer the same feeling.

Boys, once again I must say congratulations. It looks fantastic!! Much better than I expected. Well done. Abbo they layout is top notch.

At USD 6.99 it is certainly cheaper than buying an imported mag off the shelf. Not that I can buy slotty mags off the shelf. I have, on occasion, bought model rail mags to absorb some of the scenic reviews and how to articles. But the cheapest of these is AUD 9.95 for a domestic offering or AUD 12.95 for an import.

My only quibble is probably more greed than anything. I want more! I know more content means more work, more pages, and more expense to buy. But I wouldn't be adverse to paying more to get more.

Another consideration, perhaps a suggestion, though it is probably more LuLu related. Is it possible for you to use the inside of the covers? Maybe for some 'wow' photos? Or even consider dropping the weight of the cover stock down a notch or two from the card stock that it is currently? I don't know how much control you have over what LuLu produces on your behalf.

Bring on Issue 2!

1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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