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Hi,heres a couple of photos of the 1st Joma cars in my museum. Some say the 1st Joma electric cars were made in late 1957,some 1958. The early car bodies were made of diecast by the French company Quiralu. Both the 1st version & 2nd versions used the same motor & brass worm gearing. The difference was the chassis & the electrical contracts. The 1st version had small turn downs in the front of the chassis,the later did not. the biggest difference was the contacts. The 1st version used delicate bent wires,simalar to the 1st VIP cars made in the UK. These broke or became bent out of shape rather quickly so they were replace in the 2nd version.The new version were brass pins with a spring around them so they would move up & down. This version was much stronger.
The pics show 2 different 1/3rd scale Simca arianes,1 of each version.I also included a picture of the Peugeot 403 in the 1st version. These cars are a little rare.Thanks,Bernard
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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