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First pictures of the 2 forthcoming MG Lola's

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The pictures from Dyson's and Intersport's MG Lola can be seen on MRE's site (future cars).

Regarding the Dyson Lola, it's the number 16 that is on show (some people would have preferred the number 20 ... Scalextric could have done both ...).

Sadly enough, the driver's helmets are not decorated.
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Interested to see 250 GTO's comments on the relative merits of the Fly and Hornby Lolas sans magnut. Care to expand a little?

Jexy1 chose a class last year on Liphook's wood/ copper tape setup that consisted of GT1/LMP cars, but exclusively Hornby products, i.e. 911 GT1, Merc CLK, Caddilac and Lola and the latter proved to be a serial de-slotter with the Porsche usually victorious.

I have to admit that I have only run the Fly Lola in magnet form on Farnham's Ninco circuit and agree with Swiss that it whooped the Hornby's sorry behind with ease. And as the Fly is a classic inline chassised car I would assume it would perform better when run without the aid of traction mags. Front/rear balance and all!

Cheers Mr.M
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