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First pictures of the 2 forthcoming MG Lola's

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The pictures from Dyson's and Intersport's MG Lola can be seen on MRE's site (future cars).

Regarding the Dyson Lola, it's the number 16 that is on show (some people would have preferred the number 20 ... Scalextric could have done both ...).

Sadly enough, the driver's helmets are not decorated.
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QUOTE whooped the Hornby's sorry behind with ease

All that happened was I crashed a couple of times while catching up after giving you rather too generous a lead to make things look interesting and you start name calling. And my behind may be large but it isn't saggy.


p.s. For those that don't know he'd beat me even in an lesser car, but based on a blast around the track in the now very cold garage I can confirm that the Fly Lola is the Daddy with the Hornby a close second. The Spirit is quite good - with the Fly rear axle fitted.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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