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Some simple extrapolation will result in the exact scale of this car's wheel base...

I can't do it from work here, but here's the process for someone:

1) Meassure the exact length of a Vanquish motor
2) Go to and meassure the length of the motor on the bottom view pic of the Lotus
3) create a ratio of real motor to pic motor
4) meassure the wheel bases in the pic
5) multiply the pic's wheel base measurement by the motor size ratio

now you have the model's wheelbase

6) determine the prototypes wheel base
7) divide the model's determined wheel base by the prototypes

and presto you will have the scale of the models wheel base!

As far as it looking big, compared to what other major manufacturers current release 70's era Grand Prix cars?

I gave up worrying about their scale on the Can-Am cars because they are all proportionate to each other and frankly VMG have cornered the Can-Am replica slot market...

VMG = Can-Am slot racing on my track

My take is simple, instead of complaing about VMGs size, why not complain to Hornby, Fly, Carrera, Ninco et al that they are missing the boat on some of the greatest racing series out there!!!

Ken R
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