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First race night 2018

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ASR invite to the first race night 2018 !

Next Monday usual time and place. We will be racing Ninco 1 !!

Calendar for 2018 is being fine tuned and published soon as well
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Book me I for that 👍
Ninco1 aka -
"Club Cars V8 Muscle"
Is FUN & Fast !

The 4 cars are Ready for the 2018 Season 🙂👍✌
First race night was a shakedown night where we tried out the Club Ninco' s . They ran fast and furious. We had a little race at the end of the night and here are the results..

1st Rick Sirrom 160 laps 1039.259 sec

2nd Sandra Mack 160 laps 1091.362 sec

3rd Mike Hamilton 160 laps 1120.678 sec

Fastest Lap

5.583 Rick

5.762 Sandra

5.886 Mike
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Flip -
Those times aren't At'all shabby in any way 👍
A tad more front end ballast to 'Tame them down' just a little more for Newbies & they're finalized 🙂👍
What have I done to those Ninco1's & I haven't finished with them yet !
Our F/L's are knocking on Classic GT times !
They'll be easier to run & faster again on their next outing 😀👍
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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