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First Scalextric set ?

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Hi,heres a article from Model Maker which seems to contradict the general info we have on the first Scalextric sets made. First the photo shows a set with what looks like a transformer not the battery box. The push button controllers are there. Then the set has both the Ferrari & Maserati in it, not the 2 Ferraris as has been mentioned before with the Maseratis being made a little later. The box top seems the same. This issue of Model Maker is April 1957 3 months after the "official start "January 1957. What do you think. i have a early pre Triang set with both the Maserati & Ferrari. Thanks,Bernard
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Interesting Bernard.
I can`t tell if that`s a vintage transformer or an old type battery pack? I can`t see a plug?
I believe vintage sets were sold without transformers because of the old UK purchase tax laws.
Fab article though!! Thanks for sharing.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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