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I`m totally new to this forum and at present rather a bit dazzled and confused by all the smiles etc. and will try my best to steer through this lot
With interest I read the remark about the ugly F1`S !
I must admit I`m one of the originators of these ugly ducklings.
The idea was to create a cheap alternative class to the present saloon and sports/gt classes like F1 , using the existing Champion chassis with a locally laser cut narrow outer pan equipped with a locally developed narrow Lexan body , in the spirit of open wheel F1 racing. Monte Carlo were the first to try this idea, which generated new life and interest in their weekly meetings, as well as improved their driving skills because of the open wheel factor making it more difficult to overtake.
Some people did not agree with this narrow pan concept, and went the JK body route on a fullwidth pan, enclosing the wheels , therefore making it easier to drive etc. Seen in the light of these more aerodynamically enhanced body shapes sporting exotic names like Bentley, VW and MB being used, that don`t even remotely resemble their names, I don`t think we did do too badly with the open wheel version, as you could clearly see what it resembled , and a lot of fun was had by all.
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