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First to fry? (or POP went my sensor)

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I think I just won a competition I didn't want to enter and became the first to fry a SSD sensor chip

Along the way I can confirm that I was able to take the SSD circuitry from one of the hideous porsche boxters in the 'lane change challenge' (or is that 'lame name challenge?') and put it in a Scalextric Mini.

Removing the controller chip was the trickiest part as it is glued onto the boxter mount. I ended up breaking the mounts to get it out. The sensor chip was easier. Its held in place by melted plastic blobs. I just scratched at them with a tiny flat bladed screwdriver until they broke away. Then I unsoldered all the wires noting which side red and black went.

I mounted the tiny sensor board in the Mini's button magnet hole by rotating it 90º from its orientation in the Porsche. A dab of CA on the magnet mount rim was all that was needed.

Unfortunately this placed it right between the terminals of metal strips that run from the guide where I soldered the wires from the controller board. This would later prove to be my undoing. I soldered the wires from the board to the mount points on the motor and was ready to test...

.. and it worked!

At this point I was just testing it with the chassis but around it went changing lanes like a trooper. And then the lights flickered and dimmed and it stopped. I pushed it to the track and it started again. It stopped again. I fettled with the braids. It was off again! It stopped again.

I figured it was a contact problem so I had another look and realised that one of the metal strips that run from the guide wasn't contacting the braid securely, so I pushed it back straight then went back to the track.

BANG! Smell of burning circuitry. Uh-oh. Pull trigger. It goes! The lights stay on. It doesn't stop... and it doesn't change lane anymore. Bugger!

Seems when I pushed the metal thing back straight I also pushed another (bare) wire against the sensor board and it made contact. Oops.

For a while I had a digital Mini. Sort of. I tried fitting the car body just to watch it go round and quickly realised that the controller circuit wouldn't clear the interior. The only place I could see it fitting would be right by the motor which would require longer wires. I took out the interior and took it round a few laps anyway. Hope they get the retro-fit chips in soon.
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QUOTE What is the purpose of the small brown capacitor

Spark surpression .Leave it in place it remvoval may cause TV interference or possibly even interfere with the operation of the digital IC
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