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Fittipaldi F7

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In 1979 Walter Wolf bowed out of Formula 1 and the cars equipment were taken over by the
Copersucar team run by Emmerson Fittipaldi. The Fittipaldi F7 was a reworking of the Wolf
WR7. Emmerson drove one of the cars and the other was driven by Keke Rosberg. A photo
of the second car driven by the Finn being hustled around Monaco in 1980 was the reference
point for this model.
I had previously acquired a beaten up Scalextric Williams in the usual condition, no motor,
split tyres and missing front and rear spoiler. Whilst looking on Patto's website I came across
the decals for this car and that decided things. The front wing was no problem as the car ran
at Monaco without one. A rear wing and support were fabricated from plasticard and a new
engine cover plus roll hoop were also built from the same material. The side pod intakes
were amended with plasticard louvres. The front axle is retained in a brass tube and after
painting mesh was added for the engine cover. Finally the decals were applied.
Power plant is the trusty Scalextric Johnson.

Thanks for looking.

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Absolutely beaultiful work!!!!! I loved the car, finish, everything!

Eric, would you mind to provide me some conversion tips for this model? I would like to build Fittipaldi's car of same team.


Ricardo Bifulco
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