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I've already had advice on how to remove the bumper from a 1960's Scalextric car....What I would like to know now is how do I fix the new one in place, is there a solution out there other than glue?

The original factory stuff used to fix them is simple to remove with a craft knife without damaging the fixing post, it seems 'softer' in compound than any glue I know of. I don't want to apply something that sets 'solid'

Those familiar with the C68 Aston Martin will know the bumpers on this car don't just 'clip on' they need something applied to the fixing posts to keep them firmly locked in place.

I've included a pic of two of the same model, the one on the left is the car I removed the broken bumper from, notice there's no damage to the fixing post.

Hope this pic is accessible....

All advice is welcome, thanks in advance.

Regards, Billy

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The bumpers on the C68 were never 'glued' in place.
The posts that hold them were melted with a heat gun and this held the bumpers in place.
When you remove the bumpers you lose a little of the post but there should be enough to remelt them over the bumper to hold it.
If not a little glue will do the job, almost anything is ok, from super glue, to contact adhesive through to PVA!
This applies to other plastic parts on 60's Scalextric cars, indeed it applies to almost every slot car ever made to the present day!!

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As Phil advised,pva is probably the best.

It dries clear and is semi permanent.

I dip the bottom end of a small paintbrush in pva,fit the bumper then apply the blob of glue over the point of fixing.
It dries nice and looks as good as new.

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