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Nice one Andy, great night good laugh here are some pics

The Mark Bailey Marc team featuring the brace of mince pie carriers built by a real 1:1 race team (yes really) and my Sage and onion stuffing bodied NSR 917

Can't remember what your team was called andy but here it is in all it's glory including your....erm two balls creation, grahams fabulous santa sleigh and neals 1:32 production based 'rock with a robin on top'

And here is a group shot, Neal and I ran it close but I think the quickest thing was Robins 'box with a tree out the front and afterburners' thing based remarkably on and old scaley Toyota (remember them?) F1 car. Feel free to flesh out the details of your own cars chaps.

Big thanks to Rob for organising everything and everyone else for turning up this week and every other week, big turnouts and great racing all year
, Merry Christmas.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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