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I always enjoy spreading the word about this great hobby, it's something we do a lot at FLBT and on this occasion, boy did we get something back.

First here is the slotty bit, andyslots great portable HO track again introducing folk to life beyond the homeset. These type of events are different to the swapmeet types in that a lot of these people often have no idea there is a racing community before they meet us, it's brilliant.

What made this day different was the promise of passenger laps in dragraps Dax Tojero Cobra, here is said driver with cliveharland and andyslots (smile says it all)

I had waited a long time to get off the spectator banks and on to this track and it did not dissapoint, thanks Robin.

here is roblees returning from his ride in another Cobra

There was such an eclectic turn out, some fast, some beautiful, some just loved it is hard to show in a post like this but these two pictures sort of sum it up. All I will say if you are anywhere near Castle Coombe next year and you love cars, come along.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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