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It is really amazing as to how much a slot car can suck up fluff and cause your car to run slower and hotter.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle

The back axle is an easy one to work on because it can be removed from the car. Pay attention to the grooves in the gear wheel.

Computer keyboard Motor vehicle Automotive tire Engineering Automotive lighting

Another easily missed area for the fluff to accumulate is behind the pinion gear on the motor.

Passive circuit component Circuit component Hardware programmer Resistor Microcontroller

Not extracting the fluff from your car's navel results in damage to your digital chips

Light Microphone Audio equipment Wood Gas

The back axle with festive decoration ...

Material property Gas Engineering Household hardware Close-up

A close-up shows just how much can hide between the hub and bearing

Leg Human body Textile Toy Sleeve


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