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Any old rules are out the window.
The new FlySlot is a new company.... so I guess he can do whatever he wishes - and hopefully, will alo be what many customers want.

The new car with Alpha inline chassis, is a lot lower priced than the old FlySlot.

I don't hink the Alpha Chassis is anything special, but it seems to be "okay" - reports from a couple of people who bought the Gulf livery 917, is that with mags it is a very nice running unit. This came to me from a local retail store with a 70 foot 4 lane portable Ninco track I built about 4 years back for our club then onsold); and a couple of people have said the Alpha chassis is quite simple to set up for smooth wood running (non mag.)

I look forward to seeing some "red italian cars from the blacksmiths" I don't suppose he will say anything more about that car brand given the Carrera contract........
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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