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I'm quite disapointed to read that the Cranium Saleen won't be released. I don't understand the sponsor's point of view. Their aim is to be seen, right ? Sure, the livery has not been the best one seen on a Saleen, but still it was a Le Mans racer. Maybe Teamslot got the rights for it ?

Anyway, I would have bought the Vitaphone as well for sure and I cross my fingers that Fly will bring many other Saleens as well, not only the already announced ones but also others like the yellow Corona from the FIA championship, the white and red Vodafone from Le Mans, the Nash and RML cars seen in the FIA series or a black and white from Daytona.

There are few Saleens coming out and this can be said for Fly and Teamslot.

BTW, who noticed that the mirrors were of the wrong type ?
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