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Heard about these and thought they looked pretty cool.
Didn't intend on buying one, because I have no use for it... that was until I saw one...

It's like some kind of mystical creature that ensnares you into buying it. It looks absolutly FAB!
Can't sing it's praises enough, there is possibly more detailing than the 1:1 car! Fron the COMPLETELY full interior, to the awesome tampo work, to the little brake discs in the wheels... this is the best looking slot car that I have ever seen.

I really was astonished by amount of detail, which is shown by the fact that I went into my overdraft to buy it...

This picture (provided without permission from Guagemaster's site, hopefully they won't mind) simply does not do justice to this car. Put simply, if you do not have enough money to afford this car, do not go and look at one.

Quick review...

It's front engined, with a driveshaft to the back, which has been improved on since earlier models. Axels are good, with fairly straight wheels, but the tyres, though shiney, are crappy with no grip. The chassis is very detailed, with little exhaust bits stuck into grooves in the chassis, running the whole length of the car. The odd thing about this car, is that with all the detailing and full interior, it is one of the lightest cars that I own. Unfortunatly, this is due to an exceptionally light chassis, and the body makes up most of the weight, which raises the CoG.

Anyway, onto the track... No, wait... remove magnet, then on to the track...

Firstly, you notice that rear end grip is minimal due to the motor being placed at the front. This means that acceleration is down, but cornering is quite clean because there is not much weight to throw around, so the tail tends to stay in nicely. It's extremely quick in a straight line due to the little square Racing motor from the original Fly Racing cars. And I'm sure acceleration would be good too if you could get some power down. Surprisingly enough, it's not tippy at all. I really like it.

A few mods later and it's handling even better. I didn't want to go to town on the moddifying just yet, so I changed all the tyres and glued stuff in, that was it!
I put some low profile Proslot rubber on the back, and some Slot.It zero grip tyres on the front. I put a spot of glue either end of the motor and a bit on the bearing which holds the drive shaft. Driving was transformed. I could get grip to the back wheels so it accelerates well too, and still goes nicely round the bends. It was also significantly quieter too.

I really do love this car and cannot think of anything better for Fly to do over the next few months than to make a lightweight racing version with a mid-mounted NC2 shape engine.

Well done Fly!


PS. Wait around for a bit, and you may get some more news about how to make it even faster...
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