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Fly Alfa Romeo GTV Bertone release dates?

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Hi all, my first post here, about to shift the kids from HO up to 1:32 for Christmas, which is mainly an excuse for me to buy myself some of the really cool cars that are now available :) And spend quality time with mys boys of course...

First one I want to get is a Fly Alfa Romeo GTV Bertone (since I have a 1:1 one), the A801/88127 Osona rally car appears to be available now (and look great), but I see that there are supposed to be releasing two other versions including a white track car this month (

Since my real one is white I'm tempted by this - does anybody know when this one is actually likely to hit the shops?

Also, has anybody (preferably outside the UK) ordered from Are they okay to deal with? I'm in NZ and while we do get the fly cars here not all of the range is always available, or as soon as in the UK.


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He's in the shops in Belgium allready...
Going to buy one tomorrow!
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GTV's at Spa:

Lots of pics... you all know me by now

I think they look superb and drive really well... will try them tomorrow without magnets...


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